About Me
I was raised in Grand Prairie, Texas where I started making short films with friends in high school. I went to the University of Texas at Austin to study film with a concentration in screenwriting and producing. Having no idea how to get started in film after graduation, a friend called me up asking if I was interested in editing trailers. I moved out to Hollywood in 2000 and took a job as a runner at Aspect Ratio. I worked my way up to assistant editor a year later learning to work on the Lightworks and Avid systems. I was promoted to editor in 2004 after the company had switched over to Final Cut Pro completely, and have been editing trailers, tv and radio spots, and reels ever since. I have been fortunate to work with some exceptional copywriters, graphic designers, producers, and clients over the years.

Around the same time I was promoted to editor I fell into voiceover narration after our in-house narrator left the company, and a new one was needed. Pretty soon I started going to air as the narrator on tv and radio spots. I have read everything from drama and animation to horror and action films. It has been a nice addition to my career in motion picture advertising, one that I truly enjoy.

I look forward to the challenges of every project and enjoy creating with talented people.